Army Applications Laboratory


The Army Applications Laboratory was established in 2018, along with the stand-up of the Army Futures Command, to act as a concierge service across the Army’s Future Force Modernization Enterprise and the broader commercial marketplace of ideas. Based on the 8th floor of the Capital Factory in Austin, AAL’s mission is to align innovative solutions and technologies with Army problems, resources and programs to rapidly discover, validate and transition technology applications in support of Army modernization. In other words, AAL exists to connect ideas from a broad range of solvers with the right people and organizations within the Army to close capability gaps and field novel solutions.

AAL is the Army’s proponent for disruptive innovation. If you have a new idea to address one of the Army’s modernization challenges, you can submit it to AAL for consideration and the chance to work together to solve it.

Learn more at www.aal.army.


Photo of COL Robert Wisham, Director of the Army Applications Laboratory

Robert J. (Jay) Wisham

Director of the Army Applications Laboratory

Director Jay Wisham is leading the charge to reshape how the U.S. Army works with industry through our mission to connect the right people, problems, and organizations to drive innovation. His expertise in emergent technologies and outreach helps shape AAL’s vision and strategy, strengthen relationships with industry, and foster connections with key stakeholders.

Prior to joining AAL, Jay was a Senior Army Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin, a Lead for Artificial Intelligence Applications for Army Futures Command's Next Generation Combat Vehicle Cross-Functional Team, and Program Director for Project Convergence.