Aviation CDID

Aviation CDID



The Army Aviation CDID leads the Aviation Enterprise efforts to experiment, analyze and develop transformational Army Aviation warfighting requirements in support of Army and Joint capabilities.

Key Tasks

Concepts -Develop future operational and organizational concepts for Army Aviation

Requirements - Develop Material and non-Material capability requirements for both the enduring and future fleet of aircraft and enablers

Experimentation - Conduct experimentation, analysis and studies to identify capability gaps, assess risks and validate concepts for DOTMLPF-P modernization solutions

Integration - Develop, synchronize and execute Aviation modernization strategies through prioritized investments into Reach, Survivability, Lethality and Sustainment


Aviation formations optimized at echelon teaming Enduring Fleets and FVL with next generation UAS delivering cross-domain effects from operational and strategic distances enabling the combined arms team to dominate advanced enemies and return to competition.