APNT/Space CFTAssured Positioning, Navigation and Timing/Space



Headquartered at the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, the Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing/Space Cross-Functional Team is responsible for accelerating the delivery of advanced APNT, Tactical Space and Navigation Warfare capabilities to the Soldier. Working together with a core team of experts, the CFT informs technology and system requirements through continuous experimentation and prototyping, technology integration and Soldier feedback. Through this process, the APNT/Space CFT supports the Army Futures Command in delivering next generation weapons, vehicles and equipment at an accelerated rate, giving Army Forces the ability to deploy, fight and win decisively against any adversary, anytime and anywhere.


The APNT/Space CFT will build PNT capability and enhance the global positioning system for Army forces by conducting innovative experimentation and writing Soldier-centric requirements for APNT materiel solutions, Low Earth Orbit Space capability and Army NAVWAR capabilities that, when combined, provide overmatch in the battlefield with minimal impact to Soldier operations.


The APNT/Space CFT is responsible for three lines of effort.

Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing/Space: The APNT/Space CFT will develop an APNT strategy that delivers innovative capabilities that complement and enhance GPS, providing Soldiers accurate and trusted PNT even when their GPS signal is degraded or denied.

Tactical Space: The APNT/Space CFT will develop and integrate a strategy to provide survivable, responsive and resilient LEO-based Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and communications capabilities to enable direct tasking and downlink to and from the tactical commander on the battlefield.

Navigation Warfare: The APNT CFT will synchronize Army activities into an overarching NAVWAR strategy to deliver offensive and defensive PNT warfighting capabilities in conjunction with existing Department of Defense NAVAWAR policies.


Willie Nelson

Director, Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing/Space Cross-Functional Team

Mr. Willie Nelson is a member of the Senior Executive Service and serves as the director of the APNT/Space CFT. As the CFT Director, he is responsible for synchronizing PNT efforts across the U.S. Army and accelerating the delivery of advanced APNT, Tactical Space and NAVWAR capabilities to the Warfighter. Prior to his assignment to the APNT/Space CFT, Willie served as the Director of Programs and Technology for the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command.

As director for Programs and Technology, he directed Army research and development test programs for space, missile defense, directed energy and hypersonic weapon technologies.