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Project Convergence is the Joint Force experimenting with speed, range, and decision dominance to achieve overmatch and inform the Joint Warfighting Concept and Joint All Domain Command and Control. A campaign of learning, it leverages a series of joint, multi-domain engagements to integrate artificial intelligence, robotics, and autonomy to improve battlefield situational awareness, connect sensors with shooters, and accelerate the decision-making timeline.

Because whoever can see, understand, and act first will win.

Project Convergence 2022

Technology Gateway

The Army Futures Command (AFC) hosted the Project Convergence 2022 Technology Gateway at Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) Arizona from 19 SEP to 18 OCT 2022. This was a great opportunity for industry to showcase their emerging capabilities in an operational environment.

For more information about PC22 Technology Gateway or the upcoming release of the AFC Partnership Portal, please email

PC22 Industry Roundtable

AFC Industry Roundtable Session

Army Futures Command (AFC) recently hosted the Project Convergence 2022 Roundtable session to Industry Partners on March 24th, 2022. Topics included:

  1. Project Convergence 22 Update
  2. Project Convergence Portal Update
  3. Q&A between industry and AFC

If you weren't able to attend, the event slides are available for viewing on under the "Attachments/Links" section. We hope to see you at our next event!

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Technology Collaboration Areas:

  • Sensor
  • Effect (kinetic/non-kinetic)
  • C2 (Maneuver, Fires, Intel)
  • Protection (EW, Physical)
  • Communications (SATCOM, Aerial, Terrestrial)
  • Assured PNT
  • Robotics
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • Medical
  • Sustainment
  • Autonomy
  • Cloud Computing
  • Planning

Potential Partnership Mechanisms include:

  • Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA)
  • Broad Agency Announcements (BAAs)
  • Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Program
  • Small Business Technology Transfer Research (STTR) Program
  • Other Transaction Agreements (OTAs)
  • and many other opportunities to explore...

We welcome our industry, academia, and non-traditional partners to collaborate with us!

People - Information - Terrain - Weapons - Command & Control

What is the Army doing?

In the Army Modernization Strategy, we outline a vision for the Total Army to be a Multi-Domain Force by 2035. To do this, we must modernize how we fight, what we fight with, and who we are.

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This means that we must place renewed emphasis on the people we take to war, the weapons systems they will use, the process which commanders make decisions, how we transform data into information, and where our forces are postured to create opportunities for us and our Allies.


Weapons Systems

Command and Control



Through the Project Convergence framework, we are demonstrating technologies as often as every two weeks. These events inform each other, and they build to annual capstone events. Demonstrations will consist of multi-domain operational environments, where the Army will demonstrate artificial intelligence and networked lethality technologies that augment human sensing and decision making in order to improve the warfighter’s lethality and pace of battle.

For more information from these events, visit our DVIDS page.


Each capability we are testing supports our efforts in the five phases of multi-domain operations.


Compete to expand the competitive space by enabling the defeat of information and unconventional warfare, conducting intelligence and counter-adversary reconnaissance, and the demonstration of credible deterrence.


Penetrate strategic and operational stand-off by neutralizing enemy long-range systems, contesting enemy maneuver forces, and maneuvering from operational and strategic distances.


Dis-integrate the enemy’s anti-access and area denial systems by defeating enemy long- and short-range systems, conducting independent maneuver and deception operations.


Exploit freedom of maneuver to defeat enemy objectives by neutralizing enemy mid- and short-range systems, and isolate and defeat enemy maneuver forces.


Re-compete to consolidate and expand gains and physically secure terrain and populations which can enable sustainable outcomes with partners and set conditions for long-term deterrence.

These efforts contribute to the Nation's goals of achieving Combined Joint All Domain Command and Control (CJADC2): the warfighting capability to sense, make sense, and act at all levels and phases of war, across all domains, and with partners, to deliver information advantage at the speed of relevance.