Next Generation Combat Vehicles


Located at Detroit Arsenal in Warren, Michigan, the Next Generation of Combat Vehicles’ mission is to narrow or close cross domain maneuver capability gaps by developing Army requirements for our next generation of combat vehicles, while synchronizing and overseeing all supporting materiel development activities, experiments and assessments. The team will use a rapid, iterative process to capability development that reduces costs, technological obsolescence, acquisition risk and increases the speed of delivery.

The Cross-Functional Team will look to non-traditional suppliers and academics as well as leverage early prototyping and Soldier experimentation before defining requirements. To develop the next generation of combat vehicles, the Army is exploring development of key enabling technologies in the following areas: Maneuver Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Directed Energy and Energetics, Power Generation and Management, Advanced Armor Materiel Solutions and Vehicle Protective Suites. Soldiers must have a next generation combat vehicle that provides increased survivability, mobility and lethality at a reduced weight, to close with and destroy peer threats through maneuver, firepower and shock-effect.


BG Geoffrey Norman - Director of Next Generation Combat Vehicle (NGCV)

Brigadier General
Geoffrey Norman

Director, Next Generation Combat Vehicles Cross-Functional Team

Brig. Gen. Geoffrey A. Norman is a native of Boulder, Colorado and graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1994.

He has served in command, staff, training and modernization leadership roles domestically – at Forts Benning, Carson, Hood, Irwin, Knox and Riley, Army Futures Command headquarters and the Pentagon – as well as internationally, including in Egypt, Iraq, Korea, Kuwait and Poland.

Some of his previous assignments include Deputy Commanding General – Support, 1st Infantry Division; Commander, 1st Infantry Division (Forward), Operation Atlantic Resolve in Poznan, Poland; Division Chief for Soldier, Maneuver and Robotics at Headquarters, Department of the Army G-8, Force Development at the Pentagon; and Assistant Chief of Staff, G-3/5/7 and Director of Systems Integration for Army Futures Command.

Norman attended the Army War College and holds master’s degrees in management and leadership studies and strategic studies.

He is married to Dr. Stephanie Norman, a neonatal nurse practitioner, and they have two sons – William and Benjamin.