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Sustainment CDID



The Sustainment Capabilities Development Integration Directorate develops and integrates Sustainment Warfighting Function concepts, experimentation, and solutions across the Army Modernization Enterprise.

Key Tasks

  • Develop Army Sustainment Warfighting Concepts, and integrate Joint Concepts
  • Lead Sustainment Experimentation and materiel prototyping efforts, contribute to federated experimentation, support Service and Joint wargaming
  • Monitor and guide science and technology initiatives
  • Serve as user representative, and develop requirements documents to define materiel fielding solutions
  • Identify Sustainment Warfighting gaps and develop mitigating solutions sets
  • Integrate sustainment tactics, techniques, and procedures into development and fielding of Army-wide materiel solutions


While subordinate to the Army Futures Command (AFC) Futures and Concepts Center (FCC), and with the Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM) as the Sustainment Warfighting Function (SWfF) Force Modernization Proponent (FMP), ensure the modernization of the US Army’s Force Sustainment Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership, and Education, Personnel, and Facilities. These modernization efforts focus on the Logistics Corps, Transportation Corps, Quartermaster Corps, Ordnance Corps, Finance Corps, Adjutant General Corps, and Judge Advocate Corps. Integrate sustainment principles and life cycle sustainment for all Materiel solutions across Warfighting Functions to support garrison and field operations.